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" I can't tell you how much I appreciate the manner in which you managed the flights for myself, my grandson and his friends. You made all of us feel so very at ease. It was professional yet not too confusing for the boys to understand and really get a whole lot out of the experience. It was a day all of us will long remember. " — Pete

" First and foremost I want to say thank you. When I approached you two months ago about my interest in learning how to fly I was prepared to hear that it wouldn't be possible given my situation; only being in the area for six weeks all the while enrolled five days a week in intense professional advancement courses. After hearing the details and checking with your instructors, you assured me that team Trident would do all they could to provide the training to fit my schedule and time frame. Not only did I find your instructors devoted to the art and science of flying, I discovered a team of pilots that I'm sure to remain friends with for years to come. Thanks to the many late nights and early mornings, especially with Ryan Kandrach and Brian Cathell, I was able to obtain my private pilot license in 5 weeks. I couldn't have done it without team Trident! " — Kelly Stier

" I am writing to you to let you know how pleased I am with Trident. As you may know, I came to Trident back in late May/early June after beginning my Private Pilot training with another school. For various reasons, primarily the quality of the flight instruction I was receiving, I decided to leave. I contacted Trident to inquire about completing my training with your team. My first point of contact was Ryan. I let him know that I had limited time to complete my training because I was (and am) moving to Los Angeles in August. After talking with him for a bit, he said (without guaranteeing) that he was pretty confident Trident would be able to finish me up in time for my move. He was right, and I attribute my success entirely to your staff.

My primary instructor was Rob Struth; I also worked with Ryan Kandrach and Brian Cathell. These guys are about all one could hope for in CFI. They are real "go-the-extra-mile" kind of guys. They are extraordinarily hard working, dedicated, and intelligent. They made sure there was always someone available to fly with me, even if I was trying to schedule something logistically difficult, such as a last-minute night cross-country. And the quality of their instruction was never anything short of stellar.

I think that many of your students can't appreciate how top-notch these guys are, having only received training at Trident, which is a first-rate school. I am in the unique position of having began my training elsewhere, so I know what it's like at one of those "other" schools. My praise of these guys is perhaps praise of the job you've done with Trident -- picking the best and brightest, and fostering a team atmosphere. Job well done. I'd be more than happy to serve as a reference for any pilot-to-be or anyone else considering making Trident their aviation home." — David Michaels

" ...Flash forward to last night at 6:30 when I realized that I was going to be late for Ground School due to hellish traffic. I called my instructor, Katie Christopher, and told her that I was going to be late, and since traffic was heavy, I couldn't predict when I would be getting there and that I would appreciate it if she didn't bother waiting a couple minutes for me to get there.

I arrived at 7:30. The class started at 7. After the class was over, Katie stayed and went over the slides that I missed in the beginning of the class. I was pretty sure that Katie had had a long day, but she happily stayed and went over the missed material with me.

So, in summary, I am just gleaming after my experience. I have received such good personal attention from Matt Fithian and my ground school, I couldn't be more happy. " — Thomas

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