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Special Programs Division

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To meet the dynamic needs of our clients, Trident Aircraft established the Special Programs Division (SPD). The SPD is led by a retired Military Officer and Special Operations Aviator with over 12 years’ experience in Special Mission Aircraft flight operations, management and systems integration efforts.

The SPD provides customized, specially modified fixed-wing aircraft and Top Secret Cleared flight crews to support the needs of various US Government Agencies, including the Department of Defense.

All pilots working in the SPD possess TS Clearances and have extensive experience supporting Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) flight operations overseas in both Conventional and Special Operations organizations.

Aircraft and Flight Crews

The Special Programs Division has the ability to rapidly acquire low time, well maintained, single or multi-engine Turbine powered aircraft based on the unique requirements of our clients. Our team has the experience and technical knowledge to lead all mission systems integration efforts required to properly configure the aircraft to meet the needs of our clients. After integration is complete, Trident is prepared to support our clients’ flight operations with Top Secret Cleared flight crews.

Aircraft Integration

Trident’s Special Program Division works closely with our clients throughout the process of acquiring and integrating aircraft from contract award through fielding and operational employment. The SPD will assist with selecting the most appropriate platform, as well as in the development of an operator systems and communications infrastructure layout for the aircraft. We employ a deliberate, cost-effective acquisition, integration and management plan to provide a turn-key product for our clients.

For more information on how Trident Aircraft, Special Programs Division can support your organization, please contact us at
or 410-604-1333

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