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BREAKING NEWS: Trident Wins PFP Program for next 5 Years

Trident Aircraft has won a 5 year contract with the US Naval Academy to provide initial flight training to Midshipmen during their summer break. This is a wonderful opportunity for future Naval Aviators, Trident Aircraft, and Maryland’s growing Eastern Shore . We have performed this contract for the past 4 summers and have successfully trained over 1,000 Midshipman through solo in 4 years. We are looking forward to training 1,000 more!!


Blue Angels

Trident Aircraft Wins US Naval Academy Flight Training Contract

Easton, MD - Trident Aircraft, Inc., was recently awarded the US Naval Academy Powered Flight Program (PFP) Training Contract and will be responsible for training over 300 USNA Midshipmen at Easton Airport this Summer. From June to September, Trident and USNA Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) will log over 3,200 flight hours instructing Midshipmen on basic airmanship skills, flight maneuvers, and aircraft procedures in Trident’s fleet of Cessna 172 aircraft. The training culminates with Midshipmen conducting a 30 minute Solo Flight at Easton Airport.

According to CAPT Kenneth “Hock” Ham, the USNA Senior Aviator, the goal of this Program is to provide Midshipmen interested in pursuing a career in Naval Aviation with an introduction to the rigors and challenges of Naval Flight Training. The training will mimic that provided in an Aviation Training Squadron, and will include numerous written, oral, and flight evaluations throughout the course. The PFP also serves as a screening tool for the US Navy and those Midshipmen who successfully complete the Program have a good chance of being selected to attend Aviation training in Pensacola, Florida, after graduating from the Academy.

The PFP will create 14 new jobs at Trident Aircraft, and expose over 350 USNA personnel to Easton Airport, and the Eastern Shore this summer. Easton Airport will see a spike in Air Traffic Control activity as the students conduct an estimated 30,000 flight operations from Easton and nearby Airports. Easton Airport aviation fuel sales will spike, as the training aircraft will consume at least 25,000 gallons of fuel during flight operations. Trident’s efforts in winning this contract will have an economic impact exceeding $1million Easton Airport and Talbot County businesses this summer.


TRIDENT AIRCRAFT is a privately owned aviation company providing Aircraft Management, Maintenance, Leasing and Flight Training. Trident Aircraft owns, leases or manages a fleet of more than 40 aircraft. Trident employs 18 Full-Time professional pilots, 7 maintenance technicians and a full administrative and accounting staff. Trident’s flight operations exceed 10,000 flight hours per year. Their managed aircraft fleet includes a variety of aircraft operated for several Maryland based businesses and individuals including a Lear Jet, a Beechjet, a Phenom 100 jet, several Pilatus, and a variety of smaller turbine and piston power aircraft.
Trident’s growth and good fortune stems from a foundation of customer service, integrity and professionalism. Their mission is to ensure our customers receive the best service in our impeccably maintained and well-equipped aircraft. Trident takes pride in their reputation as the leading provider of quality aircraft and professional pilots in the local General Aviation Market.


Easton Location

Trident Easton, Trident Aircrafts’ most recent expansion.

Over the past couple of months you may have seen Trident’s big blue hangar being emptied out. After several debates and many letters written to the county, what was once the home of Trident Maintenance is now back in possession with the county. Trident has taken this opportunity to not only expand its operations and grow but to also improve our product.

Trident Maintenance is now located at the Easton Airport in Talbot county, MD. Next time you fly over to Easton for our services, just say “parking at Trident”. Our Maintenance shop is fully operational and currently open for business.

Our move does not change where we started. We know where we came from and will continue to offer our quality product to our Bay Bridge customers. We are happy to be able to say that we have expanded our Maintenance Concierge service to accommodate all of our former maintenance customers at the Bay Bridge airport; we will provide you with a ride back home at our expense.

With the pressure to find a new home, Trident has expanded its Management services to include a new state of the art hangar facility. Also located in Easton, our managed aircraft are now centrally located, allowing us to be able to provide our customers with better fuel and storage discounts. Over the next couple of weeks we will be building out the new hangar with our offices and our new home for the years to come.

We still operate our flight school out of the Bay Bridge airport and will continue to offer affordable rental and instruction rates to all of our current and future customers. We are excited about our new home and to be a part of an airport community that fosters growth and promotes its local aviation businesses. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to offering you a more improved product.

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