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Introductory Flight Lessons

Trident would like to introduce as many people to the aviation industry as possible! Your first flight lesson will be with an FAA Certified Flight Instructor who will assist you in a take-off and landing, and then have you fly as much of the flight as possible!  Imagine you’re sitting in the pilot seat of an airplane learning to fly for the first time, it’s an excitement that you won’t forget!  This flight will count toward your first flight time toward your certificate!

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Cessna 172 Introductory Flying Lesson
40 minutes - $129
Get ready to roll!

Take a flight in a 4 seat Cessna 172 with a Certified Flight Instructor. For 40 minutes you will have the opportunity to assist with take off, landing, and basic maneuvers. Includes ground with an instructor, a 40min flight and a logbook.



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