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Beechraft Baron B55

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  • N273Q

Piper warrior

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  • 160 Horsepower
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Piper Arrow

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  • Useful load 927lbs
  • Complex aircraft
  • GNC-250XL GPS
  • 180Horsepower
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T-34B Mentor

Warbird flying over Chesapeake Bay
  • Commercial Trainer
  • High Performance, 285 Horsepower
  • Complex, Retractable Landing Gear, Constant Speed Propeller
  • 175 Knot Cruise Speed
  • IFR Equipped
  • Available for Solo Rental
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Cessna - 172SP

Cessna 172SP
  • IFR
  • 180 Horsepower
  • Digital Radios
  • Leather Interior
  • 4 Seats
  • King IFR GPS
  • KAP-140 Single Axis Auto Pilot
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Our Rates

  • 5% discount for military only
  • Aircraft Rental is charged on the Hobbs meter (only when engine is running)
  • Price includes Fuel & Oil
  • Insurance (limited)


  • Dual Instruction Ground (Private, Commercial) - $50/hr
  • Advanced Instruction (Instrument, CFI and Multi Engine) - $60/hr
  • Owner Aircraft - $60/hr
  • Owner Aircraft Pilot Services - $350/full day

Intro Flights


Insurance Minimums

Single-Engine Fixed Gear

Covers: Cessna 172SP

Requirements to solo:
  • Student pilots must be under direct supervision of a Trident Instructor with proper endorsements in logbook and on student pilot certificate prior to flight.
  • Private pilots must be checked out by a Trident CFI in order to prove competency in ground and flight skills before any solo flight.

Covers: Beechcraft Baron B55

Requirements to solo:
  • Private Pilot's license and Multi Engine
  • 500 hours total time, 25 hours in pilot in command in multi engine and 10 hours instruction received in make and model B55
  • Needs an in flight checkout with a Trident Certified Flight Instructor
Single Engine Complex

Covers: Beechcraft T34B

Requirements to solo:
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate with Instrument Rating
  • 300 hours total time
  • 50 hours retractable
  • 10 hours T34
  • Checkout from Chief CFI