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Flight Training Maryland & Florida

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Trident is proud to offer flight training on all levels from Light Sport to Airline Transport at our Maryland and Florida locations.

Our professional, energetic, safety-conscious team of FAA Certified Flight Instructors is ready to get you behind the controls and help you earn your aviation dreams!

Trident flies a wide variety of well-maintained, well-equipped, clean airplanes ranging from light sport to tail wheel to high performance to multi engine to technically advanced airplanes. Trident is sure to meet your airplane needs! Whether it's earning a Private Pilot Certificate, or a tail-wheel endorsement, or a multi-engine rating, you will be very happy you chose to work with us!

Check out our options below! We offer a career track based program, we can help you add any certificate or rating for fixed-wing land airplanes, and we can even offer block purchases on airplanes for your time-building and traveling needs!

Be sure to give us a call at 410-604-1333 or e-mail for more information!

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Career in Aviation

Considering a Career in Aviation?

Let Trident help you earn your certificates and ratings to jump-start that career! The CFI Track will help you have the necessary credentials to get a job as a flight instructor.

After the completion of the Career Track, Trident will guarantee you an interview for a job with us!

Even if you have no experience in an airplane, no worries!

Do you have a private pilot certificate and want to continue into a flying career?

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Add a Certificate or Rating

Looking to add that instrument rating you've waited so long?

Now is the time to check these incredible deals for various certificates and ratings! They're all inclusive packages, even including your checkride, if one is required!

Trident has put together, for you, package deals that are all inclusive utilizing an FAA-approved Part 141 flight-training program. If you don't see a certificate or rating that you're looking, be sure to contact us and we'll do our best to help you out!

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Time Building Opportunities

Whether you're looking to build time for a certificate, rating, job, or you're planning on traveling with your family and friends, Trident has a deal for you!

Anything from Cessna 152's to the Beechcraft Duchess, Trident would love to help you build your experience!


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The National Average vs. Flight Training Minimums

The national average exceeds the flight training minimums by nearly 50%, which will increase the total cost of earning your licenses.

Trident Aircraft attempts to reduce flight training time, and cost, by use of an FAA approved flight training syllabus and home study courseware. The costs associated with flight training will be spread over the course of your training. We have had students complete their training in anywhere from 3 months to 2 years. Financing of your flight training can also be accomplished through a partnership agreement with Centreville National Bank.

Put the Part 141 vs. Part 61 Flight Training

Flight schools are either certified under Part 61, Part 141, or both of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs). Part 61 and Part 141 certified flight schools offer the same basic training and require the same FAA exams. The major difference is the flight training environment. Some students prefer a structured flight training environment under Part 141 and others prefer a flexible (less structured) flight training environment under Part 61. You can receive excellent flight training under both Part 61 and 141 certified flight schools in which they have the same objective – to help you earn your pilot certificate(s) and rating(s).

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