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Martin State Concierge Maintenance Program

Our Mission
“Provide safe and efficient professional aviation services exceeding customer expectations.”
The problem facing GA aircraft based at KMTN

There are many GA aircraft based at the Martin State airport without maintenance facilities to help assist. Trident Aircraft Maintenance would like to extend our services to all Martin State based aircraft by using our concierge program.


Trident Aircraft Maintenance will offer a Concierge Service. Based out of Bay Bridge Airport, Trident Aircraft Maintenance is 21 nautical miles from Martin State airport. Any airplane owner/pilot who ferry’s their aircraft to Trident Aircraft Maintenance for scheduled preventative, urgent, or routine maintenance inspections will be given a complimentary ride back KMTN in one of our company aircraft. We will also pick you up free of charge once the work is completed.

What if my airplane is out of annual or is in a “non-airworthy” condition?

Trident Aircraft Maintenance has a professional working relationship with the FAA. We have obtained several ferry permits for aircraft out of annual and will act as a liaison between you and the FAA to get your aircraft the ferry permit it requires without compromising safety. If your aircraft needs some attention prior to making the trip to W29, we will come to you.

Who will be flying me home?

Ryan Kandrach is the shop manager at Trident Aircraft Maintenance. He has over 3,500 hours total flight time. He will gladly take a moment from flying his desk to transport you back to KMTN in one of our company owned aircraft.

Between Shop manager and staff at Bay Bridge we have over 20,000 flight hours in over 70 makes and models. We can fly all Pipers, Cessna (Single and Twin), Cirrus, and Beechcraft.

Why Trident Aircraft Maintenance?

Getting your aircraft into our shop is the most expeditious way to complete an inspection. We have all the tools and equipment necessary to perform in house inspections. All of our mechanics are full time employees and are constantly turning wrenches on aircraft undergoing inspections or performing miscellaneous maintenance. They are constantly working and sharpening their skills as maintenance technicians.

TAM has great working relationships with our vendors and we deal with many of them on a daily basis regarding distribution. Our parts specialist places our vendors in competition with each other regarding pricing. We are constantly looking for the lowest prices on parts as if the aircraft being serviced in the hangar are our own company aircraft.

What is Maintenance Logbook Overhaul?

If your maintenance logbooks are in dire condition, we will supersede them and then update your planes maintenance tracking with brand new logbooks that fit into one centralized master log. We will also provide you with a maintenance logbook brief case to keep all of the log books together. Free of Charge! Just ask about it during your next visit and we will show you how it works!

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