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Phenom 100 N44WS


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The Trident Aircraft Difference

That which is considered going above and beyond by most, is business as usual for us. We understand time has a value, and know that our clients choose us to make the most of theirs. Trident staff strive to ensure every flight is handled in the most efficient manner by expertly anticipating, planning, and executing.

Our staff is well-trained in handling all aspects of a trip before, during, and after a flight. Whether it’s an itinerary change, assistance finding the best airport for your ultimate destination, ground transportation, in-flight catering, or accommodations for your stay, our experienced staff can make sure your total experience far exceeds your expectations.

We also believe transparency and honesty are vital components of a good charter relationship. As such, we keep information flowing freely throughout the entire trip.


Trident’s growing fleet consists of only modern aircraft that meet our strict standards of beauty, luxury, and safety. All aircraft are expertly maintained and cared for. Most of the aircraft in our fleet are owned by discerning individuals who expect us to care for their aircraft as if they were our own. Their high standards and expectations mirror Trident’s, which makes for a solid and attractive fleet.

Charter Broker Relationships

We are truly full service because we realize the roles of “broker” and “operator” complement each other. This leads to customer satisfaction and repeat business for all involved. We work closely with only the most respected air charter brokers in the industry and strive to keep them happy by keeping their clients happy. We fully understand that positive and trusting relationships with air charter brokers can help a solid charter operation to flourish.


We have grown our business by making sure every customer will be a repeat customer. We realize the testimonials of our clients (both passengers and charter brokers alike) are vital in generating new business, and we appreciate every chance we have to impress!

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