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Cessna 172

Cessna 172 Intro Flying Lesson | 40 minutes - $129

Get ready to roll!

Take a flight in a 4 seat Cessna 172 with a Certified Flight Instructor. For 40 minutes you will have the opportunity to assist with take off, landing, and basic maneuvers over the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. Bring along 2 friends to share in this experience.

An Intro Flight is also a 40 minute introductory to flight lesson in a Cessna 172. You are in the pilot seat accompanied by an FAA Certified Flight Instructor. You will receive a ground pre-flight briefing and cockpit orientation. You will then take to the air learning how to maneuver the aircraft through climbs, descents, turns and assist your instructor in take-off and landing. You will be on the controls for a majority of the flight. Should you choose to continue your training this flight will count as your first flight lesson. You may bring 2 guests to ride along for your first experience as a pilot. There is a 450lb weight limit on the total weight of the 3 passengers.

To schedule, simply call our office at least 36 hours in advance of your preferred flight time. Trident is open 7 days a week, from sunrise to sunset, weather permitting.

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Also available in Gift Certificates!

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