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Looking to Sell? Look no further!

Selling an aircraft comes with heavy responsibilities. Each interested buyer will want to know every detail about the aircraft: its specific flight, service, maintenance and technological histories.

However, answering numerous questions, researching market comparables, developing advertising and spreading the word is far too time-consuming for many hectic corporate and personal schedules.

save time & money

Trident Aircraft's Brokerage Options

Asking Trident to work on your behalf in the sales process means a team of experts is responsible for the details, including:

  • Performing a detailed market analysis of comparable aircraft currently for sale
  • Assisting with accurate pricing
  • Developing domestic and international advertising
  • Spearheading Advertising Campaign both in print and on paper
  • Becoming your partner in the final sales process
  • Creation of Sales Contract
  • Use of Escrow and Title Agent Services

All of these brokerage services are provided at a fixed commission fee based on sale price.

Contact a Trident Aircraft Sales Representative

These fees cover all of the administrative services and advertising fees of your transaction. It is money well spent to protect yourself.

• $100,000 – $199,999: 7%
• $200,000 – $499,999: 6%
• $500,000 – $999,999: 5%
• $1 Million Plus: Please Call

Special Discounted Brokerage services are available to customers wishing to add their purchase to our fleet as a managed or leaseback aircraft. Please contact Mr. John Galdieri, President for more.

Ready to Buy

Trident Aircraft understands that today's varied aircraft market leaves buyers with a dizzying number of options. Each make and model has different performance specifications, characteristics and price. Buying the right aircraft can mean the difference between a useful, long-term mode of transportation and a veritable dust collector.

You must protect yourself during the purchase process. Your aircraft is one of your most valuable assets and a significant monetary transaction. Use Trident's years of experience to assist and protect you through this complex process.

Before buying any aircraft, consider the following questions:
  • Who performed the last annual inspection?
  • Who performed the overhaul, and are they reputable?
  • Are all A.D.'s complied with?
  • Are the Mandatory Service Bulletin's complied with?
  • Is this required?
  • What are all available aircraft options?
  • Is there a damage history on the aircraft?
  • Is the price appropriate?
  • Are there any liens against the aircraft?
  • How do I ensure the aircraft doesn't have any hidden damage?
  • What financing is available?
  • How do I register the Aircraft with the FAA?
  • How do I ensure an equitable transaction?
  • How do I place a deposit?
  • Where do I get a Purchase Agreement?
  • What is an escrow and title agent?
  • Should I buy the aircraft into an LLC?
  • Where do I get my insurance?
  • How do I get the aircraft home?
  • Do I need training to meet the insurance minimums?

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