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About Trident Aircraft

Christen-eagleTrident Aircraft was founded in 2006 by John Galdieri in an effort to make aircraft rental and instruction affordable to Midshipmen from the Naval Academy and local pilots.

In 2006, John, a corporate pilot, owned a Piper Cherokee that he used to commute to his corporate base in New Jersey. He started by instructing several local students in his own aircraft. His Piper eventually became so busy that he was unable to use it for his personal travel. He purchased a Cessna 150, rented a closet-size office and started what is today the most active flight school in Maryland.

The Trident’s business plan has not changed as the company continues to grow. We still offer very well maintained, well- equipped rental aircraft at prices that blow away the competition. Today between the Trident Easton flight school and Trident Milton flight school the rental and instruction fleet includes 21 aircraft ranging from Cessna to Cirrus, Twin Engine Baron, Twin Comanche and even a prior Navy training aircraft, a T-34B Mentor.

The company has expanded its operations to include aircraft maintenance and an inclusive turn key management program. Currently Trident Aircraft manages a diverse fleet of aircraft for their owners including a Pilatus, Cirrus SR-22, Phenom 100, Beechjet, Lear 75, Challenger 300 and most recently a Lear 60. Tridents’ Management Program does not stray away from the business practices that built the company when it started as an aviation training facility, offering affordable solutions without compromising safety.


The highlight of Trident Aircraft is the staff. Trident's staff is an incredibly energetic group of motivated CFI's. With a staff of more than 10 full-time Flight Instructors including Instrument Instructors, Cirrus Certified Instructors, tail wheel instructors and Multi-Engine Instructors, we have someone who can help you meet your aviation goals. Whether your goal is to earn your Private Pilot's License in a Cessna 172, earn your ATP, manage your companies most valuable assets, or provide pilot services Trident has something for you. Our incredibly friendly, professional staff and low prices make flying fun and affordable. Based at Easton Airport on Maryland's Eastern Shore, it is worth a visit next time you are in town near one of our locations. If you are interested in learning to fly or finding aircraft solutions contact us.

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