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“Provide safe and efficient professional aviation services exceeding customer expectations.”

We Proudly announce 7 Day/week Repair & Inspection Services at Bay Bridge Airport. Our staff will offer emergency repair services 7 days a week.

Aircraft Maintenance Overview

Trident Aircraft Maintenance is a Maryland based, privately owned aviation maintenance company providing aircraft maintenance, parts ordering/distribution, aircraft servicing, and aviation maintenance solutions for the last 2 and a half years. Trident Aircraft Maintenance (“TAM”) started as a single mechanic with no work area and has grown into an 80’x80’ facility that employs 5 full time mechanics, 2 office personnel, and one parts specialist.

Trident Aircraft, which is the primary customer for TAM, has been able to grow in an industry that has shown a decline over the previous 11 years. TAM has been the primary maintenance provider for Trident Aircraft in its Maryland location. For the past two years TAM has been providing maintenance on its flight school aircraft as well as maintenance on a majority of the aircraft under Trident’s aircraft management program.

In addition to providing quality and timely maintenance, TAM is expanding on sales. Sales including parts research, acquisition, part servicing/overhaul, and distribution leading to sales to aircraft owners under the management program as well as nationally. TAM is the primary parts distributor for Trident Naval flight Screening program as well as any ongoing contracting. Our contracting has provided a veil for us to expand and take on new customers and projects. Because obtaining new customers is equally as important as our contracting, we provide the same amount of priority to our new/outside customers as our internal aircraft.

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